Mining Contractors Insurance

Mining is one of the major industries in Australia that powers our economy. It is also a complex work environment, much like Trades and Construction, with massive OH&S obligations, the multitude of people, businesses and types of work, and large machinery. Consequences of accidents in the mining industry are huge, and there is a great emphasis placed on safety.

Why have Mining Contractors Insurance?

The money tied up in your equipment is huge, replacing it, repairing it and financing it is expensive and takes time. Your legal obligations are very significant and contracts with mines are onerous. All the while your workplace is potentially one of the most dangerous in the country. So, if things go wrong, you want to be covered.


Because accidents can be catastrophic

The key insurances you should consider.

Management Liability Insurance is for managers and directors of private companies. It covers the potential liabilities that arise in running the business.

In mining those liabilities are extensive: OH&S, Fair Work, business finances, professional advice and service delivery, multiple sites, hazardous materials, busy work environments with many different contractors and people…

Management Liability Insurance protects directors, management, and the Company for most of the major breaches and risks that might occur in the day to day running of the business.

The public liability risk for mining is high. Your work place is complex, the work is potentially hazardous; and the plant and equipment used is heavy duty machinery.

If things go wrong its serious; and accidents and forgetfulness happen. We are all human.

Public Liability Insurance protects your business for any damages that arise during everyday business activities – whether to people or property. Whether your own or other people’s.

Quite simply it is a must have for any business operating in a public work-place.

If you employ people you need Workers Compensation Insurance. It’s a compulsory legal requirement that protects employers from financial costs when a worker sustains a work-related injury or disease.

Employers must provide workers’ compensation for anyone they employ that the legislation defines as a ‘worker’.

Western Australia, Northern Territory, Australian Capital Territory and Tasmania are all underwritten direct by insurers. Victoria is managed by Worksafe and underwritten by insurers, and New South Wales and Queensland are underwritten by the State Governments. We can assist you to organise this insurance for your business.

A vehicle is an essential tool of the trade and when they are damaged or off the road, they are costing you money. If you accidentally damage property or people, you are open to legal action.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance covers your business for any damages to the vehicles you use (even hired vehicles) or any damages they cause to people or property.

If you use mobile plant and equipment such as cranes, forklifts, drilling rigs, and excavators they can also be included in your commercial vehicle insurance.

However, if they are big pieces of machinery, we recommend a separate Plant & Machinery Policy. Either way make sure you are covered.

Machinery breakdown is a significant risk. Not because the machines are badly made, it is just that the time and expense required to repair substantial pieces of machinery can be huge.

If it involves specialist repairs, overseas parts or is custom made, the costs can blow out.

If you are uninsured then not only do you have the repair work to pay for, you have the potential loss of income to cover, replacement machinery hiring costs and you could be in breach of contractual terms.

Machinery Breakdown Insurance covers you for these risks and can be extended to tools and equipment.

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